Update ADHD Medication Shortages 14.11.2023

UPDATE: ADHD Medication Shortage 14 November, 2023


As the issue with ADHD medication shortages continues, we, as a practice, are continually monitoring the situation by reviewing the Drug Shortages Live Tracker within our account with MIMS. MIMS is for UK healthcare professionals and since its first print publication in 1959 ‘has grown to be the essential prescribing and clinical reference for UK general practice’ (https://www.mims.co.uk/). As part of their services, we are alerted to any drugs shortages and resolved shortages and we will run a weekly to fortnightly ADHD Medication Shortages Newsletter to keep you all abreast of the situation. The information sourced on the MIMS website is from direct communications with manufacturers and/or weblinks.


Please remember that when stock dates are noted, time must be given to allow stock to be replenished across pharmacies across the UK.


UPDATE 14.11.23 medication shortages
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