"We genuinely look forward to seeing Ellie every 6 months. The care, understanding, support and passion is outstanding at every appointment. I will be forever grateful that we found Ellie and Healthcare4kids as they have had such a positive impact on our family."
(Mother of 9 year old boy with ADHD, Staffordshire, June 2024)
"Dear Jo, I want to take this opportunity to thank you whole heartedly, for the love, compassion and care we have had from you. Many, many thanks."
(Parents of 11 year old girl with now treated and resolved absence epilepsy and growth delay, West Midlands, June 2024)
"Dear Jo… You and the team have been amazing with your support not only during this time, but in his life. I will never forget that. Thank you and sending love xx"
(Mother of 19 year old young man with ADHD, Oxfordshire, June 2024)
"Hi Sarah, Thank you for listening and your understanding, it often feels like I am alone but you cared. Have a great day."
(Mother of 8 year old girl enquiring about an appointment, June 2024)
"Jo, As a family we cannot even put into words what you have meant to us. ‘Thank you’ will never be enough. K wouldn’t be where he is today if you hadn’t have taken to the cheeky little lad running around your office. You have always supported us as a family and not just K which we will always be grateful for. It’s amazing how you can change a child’s life by just giving them a chance. All our love xxx"
(Mother of 18 year old young man with autism, ADHD, specific learning difficulties, intense anxiety, aggression, written off by school, now absolutely thriving, West Midlands, June 2024)
"Thank you very much for your help and support for T. Victor Bevanda is an awesome autistic young person. He thrives and excels in his art works mainly because he’s been given the opportunity by people who believe in him. You are one of those kind-hearted people who believe in the potential of kids with special needs."
(Mother of 15 year old young man with autism and high anxiety, West Midlands, June 2024)
"Thank you so much for all your help so quickly, messages when your away and on a Sunday it doesn’t go unnoticed by me, your support it now the only thing keeping me going. A has said to me the medication has helped him to control being calmer I seriously don’t know what I would do without your support other drs would have said no it’s just exam stress A said it wasn’t that but can’t explain much more. Because of your excellent support and swift action he was able to attend Army cadets in the holidays and only one panic attack."
(Mother old 16 year old young man with autism, ADHD and severe anxiety, Wiltshire, June 2024)
"Jo, Just want to say a huge thank you for all your support with E and his migraines. You really were the only one to solve these and reduce his suffering. Kind regards"
(Mother of 15 year old boy with initial severe migraine, almost migraine free for past 2 3/4 years, now under primary care, West Midlands, June 2024)
"Good evening Ellie, I just wanted to send you this email to say I’ve had a real breakthrough with G. He said he is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and that he wishes he could see you more often! This is amazing to hear as he has not connected with any other healthcare professional or teacher since diagnosis. He says that you understand him."
(Mother of 13 year old boy, with autism and severe anxiety, Worcestershire, June 2024)
"I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Jones & Ellie for all the care and support they have shown my daughter over the past few years. We really appreciate what you have done for both her and us as a family."
(Mother of 13 year old girl with ADHD, Warwickshire, May 2024)
"Thank you - for being you - and for treating and talking to O - perfectly. It is years of struggle to find people who respect him."
(Mother of 14 year old boy with genetic anomaly, autism, severe anxiety presenting as aggression, violence and severe demand avoidance, West Midlands, May 2024)
"Thank you so much for your support over the years and for being there when we needed you, it meant a lot to both L and I."
(Mother of 19 year old young woman with ADHD, under me for a number of years and now off medication and thriving. Midlands, May 2024)
"Professional friendly welcoming approach"
(Mother of 7 year old girl, recently diagnosed ADHD, Gloucestershire, April 2024)
"We hope you have the most relaxing time. O and I were talking yesterday, she mentioned how lucky we were to find you and how much you have listened to her and helped her. She said it exactly right. Thank you."
(Mother of 13 year old girl with autism and severe anxiety, West Midlands, May 2024)
"Propranolol has definitely helped. We still have our moments but definitely less frequent. I think he engages better with the world in general. He’s now back in school. It’s changed our lives – our home is happier."
(Mother of 7 year old boy with autism, severe anxiety and severe demand avoidance, out of school for two years, now treated with propranolol for anxiety, West Midlands, May 2024)
"Our help is individualised, down to earth and has improved our daughters quality of life. This place has been the salt of the earth for our family."
(Mother of 20 year old young lady, with ADHD, Swansea, April 2024)
"The assessment was thorough and personalised. All staff took their time and were able to make a report based on knowing the situation and my child. I feel very confident in their expertise and would be happy to follow any guidance."
(Mother of 6 year old boy, diagnosed with autism, Suffolk, April 2024)
"We just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so very much for today and for taking time to ensure L receives the correct diagnosis and in turn medication and support that she desperately needs. Also a massive thank you for offering support and guidance to us as worried parents especially me as you know I’ve been trying not to climb the walls (too much!) It also goes without saying the same applies to Dr Chris! Very best wishes x"
(Mother of 7 year old girl diagnosed with the pathological demand avoidance variant of autism and high anxiety, West Midlands, April 2024)
"We were all felt at ease and welcome with Dr Jo and Chris. We were listened to and the whole process was very thorough and professional."
(Mother of 13 year old girl, recently diagnosed Autism, Warwickshire, April 2024)
"Thank you for your support in allowing J to understand himself and build his confidence (albeit reserved) over the past years."
(Mother of 16-year-old young man with autism, ADHD and severe anxiety, after being offered a four year apprenticeship, Warwickshire, April 2024)
"The support you've given us over recent years has been absolutely invaluable. You've been brilliant. Thank you."
(Mother of 18 year old man with autism and high anxiety, Warwickshire, April 2024)
"Ellie was through and caring. H felt like Ellie listened to her and was not patronising."
(Mother of 15 year old girl, recently diagnosed ADHD, Swansea, March 2024)
"Excellent service from start to finish. Thank you so much!"
(Mother of 16 year old young woman, recently diagnosed autism and very high anxiety, Warwickshire, March 2024)
"Professional and friendly service from Ellie. Great listener and very understanding. Has a fantastic rapport with G."
(Mother of 17 year old young woman, with ADHD, Warwickshire, March 2024)
"The medication is really helping him and we have noticed a huge difference. He’s much happier and we definitely want to carry on with them! Please tell Dr Jo that he even sang in front of his class for the first time ever!! He’s also managed to run cross country for the first time at school!"
(Mother of 8 year old boy with newly diagnosed autism, severe anxiety and aggression, Shropshire, March 2024)
"As a family our experience from start to finish with Healthcare4kids as been remarkable. We have fought all of our sons live for someone to listen to us and help us with our son and Healthcare4kids have done all that they have gone above and beyond . Thank you to Jo and her team."
(Mother of 15 year old boy, with Autism, Derbyshire, March 2024)
"Ellie was absolutely fantastic throughout our appointment and made both J and myself feel at ease instantly. Ellie really took her time to listen to both J and I. Thank you Ellie for helping us as a family understand J’s needs at this time."
(Mother of 7 year old boy, recently diagnosed ADHD, Warwickshire, February 2024)
"Dr Jo was caring , knowledgeable and sensitive approach and appropriate support."
(Mother of 19 year old young man, with ADHD, Wiltshire, February 2024)
"Also just wanted to say thank you to Dr Jo for the call today. I am so grateful that we have found Dr Jo and to feel so understood and have Dr Jo on our side gives me so much hope for things to get better for L."
(Mother of 10 year old girl with learning disability, rare syndrome, high anxiety with resultant aggression, and likely autism, Hampshire, February 2024)
"Ellie is absolutely brilliant with C, she really understands him. We really appreciate all that she does for us and how knowledgeable and helpful she is."
(Mother of 13 year old boy with Autism, ADHD and significant anxiety, Leicestershire, February 2024)
"Yesterday my son had an ADHD assessment with Ellie - who was absolutely fantastic!"
(Mother of 7 year old boy, diagnosed with ADHD, Warwickshire, February 2024)
"Firstly Ellie we wanted to thank you for our appointment last week when you diagnosed A with ADHD. I think the relief on all our faces was obvious, it's felt like a long journey up to now not being heard, or dismissed. The way you explained it to us all was incredible and it's been a swift, straightforward process."
(Mother of 13 year old boy, with ADHD, Warwickshire, February 2024)
"As always, lovely to see you today Jo. You are one of few who puts a completely natural smile on her face and makes her feel incredibly special. Thank you."
(Mother of 13-year-old girl, with autism and severe anxiety, Northamptonshire, February 2023)
"It makes me cry when I think about how J must have felt before we saw you. Nobody realised that he was anxious, we all just saw the behaviour not the cause and he likely would have just been stuck on Risperidone if he ever got seen again by the community paediatrician. It literally changed his little world treating the anxiety. How sad is it that there are probably hundreds or thousands of children that could be helped but only you and Dr Jo prepared to put yourselves out there and do it."
(Email to specialist nurse from mother of 4 year old boy with learning disability, autism and ADHD, after use of Propranolol for anxiety underlying severe aggression, Herefordshire, February 2024)
"The whole process was seamless, fact finding was done easily end with minimal fuss. The paperwork was well laid out. On arrival Ellie dealt mainly with T, this was really important to both him and us as he is starting to take ownership of his health and wellbeing and learning to advocate for himself. Ellie very quickly built a lovely report with T and gained his trust and respect, this is vital for his continued treatment moving forwards. Thank you."
(Mother of 13 year old boy with recently diagnosed ADHD, West Midlands, February 2024)
"Ellie is absolutely fantastic with J. She has so much empathy, is great at listening to J ( & Mum about J’s concerns) & very proactive about adjusting treatment. Thank you SO much for being so kind & positive."
(Mother of 17 year old young man with Autism and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, February 2024)
"Dear Dr Jo, I wanted to let you know that E is doing so much better since taking Sertraline. She is much happier and seems very much her 'old' self. Many thanks and best wishes."
(Mother of 14 year old girl with autism and severe anxiety, now living a good life, Gloucestershire, February 2024)
"Hi Jo. I just wanted to also send you a message to say how grateful I am for all the support you have given me over the years. You gave me the closure I needed and helped me understand that I wasn’t crazy and I was just me. Thank you for everything you have done for me."
(19 year old young woman with autism and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, January 2024)
"Really thoughtful and autism friendly review that was really helpful in updating medication."
(Mother of nearly 16 year old young woman, with ADHD, Warwickshire, January 2024)
"Dr Jo Is very professional and thorough and her expertise on the subject of autism is astounding. It is clear that she has a passion for helping children to gain the help they need to fulfil their potential. We received a great insight into our child's needs and what we must do next to improve his life experiences. We cannot thank her enough. A was put at his ease and was gently taken through the process by Dr Chris. he was considerate and extremely professional, again, thank you."
(Parents of 12 year old boy, recently diagnosed Autism, West Midlands, January 2024)
"S can now be discharged from your care. You are no doubt aware of just how pleased we have been with the excellent support and guidance we received and of the tremendous benefit to S, you, in particular, have been. Would you kindly pass along our thanks to everyone at the centre who made this possible?"
(Father of 8 year old girl with autism and high anxiety, now moved to Poland and all treatment continued, January 2024)
"Very good communication. I was completely lost about whether or to pursue an ADHD or an autism diagnosis (or both). Dr Jo Jones was extremely helpful and asked questions so that she could recommend the most appropriate route for my daughter. Ellie was very kind, patient and knowledgeable."
(Mother of 5 year old girl, recently diagnosed ADHD, Worcestershire, January 2024)
"Hi Jo, Just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and THANK YOU for everything you do for us! You make such a difference to our family and we couldn't *do* life without you! 😘😘😘"
(Mother of 3 children aged 12, 9 and 6, with Autism and ADHD, Staffordshire, December 2023)
"Hi Jo, Just to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and express our thanks and love to you and your team for all you do. J’s life, and ours as a family is the best it can be because your support and involvement has enabled J to be who he wants to be, to have control over everything and to feel peaceful. Combined with his increased maturity, it’s a lovely thing to see. I continue to recommend you to all who seem to feel like we did, and AC at HCS tells me that people are following up with this and that school are using you regularly because of your amazing service. She told me how much she had taken from the research meeting. As ever, your team have been amazing with prescriptions for us during this shortage, where we’ve had to ask for combinations that the pharmacy can deliver. Calum and Ellie have been great. Have a lovely Christmas. Love and happiness to you all"
(Mother of 16 year old man with diagnosed and now treated ADHD, Midlands, December 2023)
"Dear Dr Jones, Just an update on progress for T. As discussed at our last appointment he is now on Sertraline, no side effects, and we have gradually reduced and now stopped his Propranolol and he is doing well. The biggest change is that we have deregistered from school and are now Home Educating. He is much happier and calmer and our whole family is in a much better place."
(Mother of 9 year old boy with autism and severe anxiety, some clearly related to school, Northamptonshire, January 2024)
"To all of you angels who work with Jo, I just want to say thank you so much for doing such an amazing job and for contributing to the tiny bit of sanity that I possess 🤣 You don't realise the difference you all make to families like ours 😘"
Mother of 3 children aged 12, 9 and 6, with Autism and ADHD, Staffordshire, December 2023)
"Our meeting with Ellie culminated in so much stress and anxiety being set free, Ellie was a consummate professional who instantly made a connection with T. I have personally never experienced such an empathic consultation."
Father of 15 year old boy, with ADHD, Hampshire, December 2023)
"Hi Jo, Thank you for the update and for keeping me informed. I've been concerned about B’s future healthcare, especially regarding his prescription. It's reassuring to know that you'll be involved in all clinical aspects of care. I want to express my gratitude for everything you've done for B over the last five years. I am truly thankful. This is the best Christmas present ever."
(Mother of 18-year-old young man, with learning difficulties, severe epilepsy, and on novel treatment, Northern Ireland, December 2023)
"Thank you ever so much for everything. You've given me something no other professional (or anyone else, for that matter!) has been able to give for many months- some peace of mind. You really are amazing at what you do. Thanks so much Jo."
(Mother of 12 year old girl, now confirmed autistic, under CAMHS but needing advice, Midlands, December 2023)
"I find Ellie and Healthcare4Kids to be extremely helpful. We are listened to, the fact that I can email in with queries means that we have quickly been able to get A's medication right for him. A's medication has transformed his life, and ours. I have nothing but gratitude for your service and can't imagine I will ever transfer to NHS treatment for A."
(Mother of 11 year old boy, with ADHD, Oxfordshire, December 2023)
"This is an extremely tardy note to thank you so much for your invaluable support for C while he was under your care. We are so appreciative of all the guidance and reassurance you offered him at a time he was really struggling a few years ago. It has been such a relief to see him thrive as he has matured, grown in a confidence and found a meds regime which seems to work well for him."
(Mother of 22 year old man under me for some years with diagnosed and then treated ADHD, Gloucestershire, December 2023)
"We felt listened to and our concerns were acknowledged. Very friendly and warm atmosphere and my son felt at ease straight away. Brilliant report outlining difficulties and recommendations. Keep doing what you do, you have made a world of difference to our son and he will now get the support he needs at school. Thank you so much."
(Mother of adopted 8 year old boy, with recently diagnosed autism and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, November 2023)
"School have advised us of a contact list with a number of professionals that could help with an assessment, soon as I saw Dr Jo Jones name listed, I looked no further as I’ve met her before when D was younger and she is amazing!"
(Mother of 12-year-old boy with concentration and memory problems, seen in the past age 5 with tummy ache, West Midlands, November 2023).
"I initially opted for my son J's ASD Assessment to be with Dr Jones and Dr Morrell because of the shortest time that my son would be required to be there, as I knew this would be the least stressful for him. But infact both Jo and Chris's professional and friendly approach was what helped us most on the day. They were both absolutely wonderful and so understanding. Even before the assessment, just receiving photos of the premises was a great help for my son to prepare and following the assessment I know that all the recommended homework for me will greatly benefit my son. So many, many thanks to both Jo and Chris and I would absolutely highly recommended them to anyone who needs an ASD Assessment."
(Mother of nearly 11 year boy, with autism and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, November 2023)
"Just wanted to say once again a HUGE thank you to you and all you’ve done for C and myself. She couldn’t have done it without you. We know there will be ups and downs, life long, but we feel so well equipped now to deal with things better."
(Mother of 19-year-old young woman with diagnosed autism and well-managed anxiety with past history of being bedbound with anxiety and low mood, now at university, West Midlands, November 2023)
"We’d like to say a huge thanks for taking A on as a patient back in 2021 - having the diagnosis and the medication has been life changing for him and you/your teams support has been exceptional."
(Parents of 12 year old boy, with ADHD, South Warwickshire, November 2023)
"Ellie is so understanding and wonderfully knowledgeable, and always has time to listen."
(Mother of 10 year old with ADHD, Gloucestershire, November 2023)
"Dr Jones has been wonderful. I don't think our family would be together now if it wasn't for her. She is so understanding and actually BELIEVES what you say when many health professionals these days don't. We have a complex family which can be hard for some to get their heads around but Dr Jones always treats us with love and understanding. This also filters down to all the staff as well who are fabulous! "
(Mother of 3 children aged between 6 and 12, diagnosed with autism, ADHD and high anxiety, South Yorkshire, October 2023)
"Dear Jo I hope you are ok and having a good day - I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping S over the past few weeks. I have no idea where we would be without your assistance. He is back to his old self and increasing the medication as prescribed by you."
(Mother of 16 year old young man with autism and anxiety, North Warwickshire, October 2023)
"Thank you so much for your support. I honestly don’t know where my family and I would be without you! Words can’t even express… Much love."
(Mother of 2 boys with autism and severe anxiety, West Midlands, September 2023)
"Hi Jo, Thank you so much for today, your support, kindness and generosity are so appreciated.... I really don't have the words to express my gratitude, I'm just so grateful we found you. xxx ."
(Mother of seven-year-old adopted boy, with likely autistic spectrum disorder, high anxiety and aggression, and ADHD that cannot yet be treated because of the severe anxiety, Staffordshire, September 2023)
"Whilst we don’t spend all our time looking at the past, before J met you and things were sometimes bleak, we were warned he might not sit his GCSE’s as he was so far behind. His results came through a few weeks ago, and he surprised even himself! We are very pleased as he put himself to a lot of effort to get that! Thanks for all your help once again!"
(Father of 16 year old boy with autism and now treated ADHD, West Midlands, September 2023)
"Dear Jo, Thank you for our latest session. As always, it was so helpful. Which leads me on to saying a huge thank you for everything you've done for me since we met. Your advice and guidance has been invaluable and has helped me progress down avenues of life I may not have been able to otherwise. Words can't describe my gratitude. "
(A 22 year old young man, diagnosed with ADHD, Gloucestershire, September 2023)
"I am writing to thank you for such an informative and thorough research chat yesterday. It was most helpful to tie together the pockets of understanding which I have gathered from various places."
(Head of Learning Skills teacher, re ADHD research chat, Midlands, September 2023)
"Dear Dr Jones and team, It is with pride and gratitude that we send F off this morning to study sciences at XXX School after his great success at GCSE. He applied himself to his studies, he was able to focus, he immensely immensely appreciated his extra time and his rest breaks. Thank you for all the hard work and care given by you and your team."
(Parents of 16 year old young man with treated ADHD, September 2023)
"To Jo, Thank you so much for all your help, support and kindness that you are continually giving to our family. We appreciate everything you are doing for us. Best wishes."
(Mother of 8 year old girl with autism, ADHD and anxiety and 5 year old boy in Special School with autism, ADHD, significant learning disability, non-verbal, anxiety and aggression, Yorkshire, September 2023)
"He was pretty calm about going back to school and he seems to be finding some resolve in standing up to the boys at school. Just amazing. Complete change. "
(Mother of 10 year old boy with autism and ADHD and previously severe anxiety after being prescribed ADHD medication, Warwickshire, September 2023)
"I'm very grateful for all you've done to help get her this far- without her diagnosis I don't think she'd have got her GCSEs, let alone A levels. She's now going from strength to strength, we're very proud of her."
(Mother of 18 year old young woman, diagnosed mid-teens with ADD, West Midlands, September 2023)
"Ellie, I’m sending this to tell you that all your work has paid off! I’ve got a place at my first choice university, so it’s all been worthwhile— and wouldn’t have been possible without your help, so thank you so much."
(A nearly 19 year old young man, diagnosed with ADD, Warwickshire, August 2023)
"Good, clear, helpful, personalised service."
(Mother of 17 year old, recently diagnosed with autism, West Midlands, August 2023)
"Ellie immediately made us feel at ease, with a very caring, soothing and professional approach. In fact she was very lovely and made the whole experience as smooth as it could be. Everything was explained and repeated if needed."
(Mother of 15 year old girl, with ADHD and anxiety, Warwickshire, August 2023)
"Just wanted to let you know that R has started taking the Sertraline and so far we have seen positive effects and not seen any side effects. His mood has been much more positive, waking up happy and enjoying life with a positive outlook and willing to give things a go. He has recognised and verbalise how it is change and loud voices, which cause him the most anxiety and scare him. "
(Parents of 12 year old boy with autism and high anxiety and overwhelm, Warwickshire, August 2023)
"Thank you so much for your kindness and thought today. Your immense experience shines through and we are so grateful for your time and energy."
(Mother of 17 year old young woman with newly diagnosed autism, Yorkshire, August 2023)
"Thank you for your wonderful letter supporting C's request for educational support. The budget we requested has been approved which is nothing short of a miracle."
(Mother of 13 year old girl with autism and severe and incapacitating anxiety, out of school, South West England, August 2023)
"Ellie, A quick note to thank yo so so so so much! Your help with E is literally priceless. Just before we came to see you in November she’d Sat her A level Mocks it wasn’t good! EUU! Fast forward to where we are now, Thursday brought us ACC and she starts Uni next month. What you and your wonderful clinic manage to do is priceless beyond diamonds, life changing, life affirming and giving those who are lost hope and vision for their future. "
(Father of 18 year old young woman, with ADHD, Nottinghamshire, August 2023)
"Jo- we are extremely grateful to you for seeing I-R and for supporting her with treatment. You were correct in your clinical opinion, I-R does have Autism. You gave me the strength that I needed to further challenge CAMHS to assess I-R. I cant thank you enough for all of your support, for us both! Thank you so much Jo, and to all of your wonderful team. "
(Mother of 12 year old girl with new diagnosis of autism, treated for severe anxiety and demand avoidance, Gloucestershire, July 2023)
“Very straight forward. As we are a neurodivergent family I have felt it difficult to communicate with medical professionals in the past. Felt completely understood by Ellie.”
(Mother of 14 year old boy with recently diagnosed ADHD, Warwickshire, July 2023)
"A little email to say how grateful we are for you both. We got I's school report yesterday which showed he is not only work at his age but is working well above that now. He is classed as greater Depth in reading and maths ( standardised scores of 113 and 122 respectively!) He is targeted reach that level in his Sats next year. We cannot believe in the last 2 years ( yes only two years since he started his medication) he has gone from being below his age related in everything to being above! We are just so amazed at how incredibly he has done, we always knew he was a genius and he was perfection but now with your help he has started to show the world . You have changed our lives, and you have given our boy his chance to show everyone how we see him. We will forever be grateful to you both x All our Thanks"
(Parents of 10 year old boy with ADHD now treated, Staffordshire, July 2023)
‘Hi Dr Jo, Things have settled down here quite a bit with B, I'm pleased to say. In two months we've only had two outbursts at school which is AMAZING!!!
(Mother of 7 year old boy with ADHD, probable autism, adopted, previous severe anxiety and aggression, after being treated with Propranolol, Staffordshire, July 2023)
"Feedback - wow! A noticeable difference in her focus on this dosage. E commented to me last week that she managed independently to complete half her assigned task at school which she's never previously managed to do. She also got star of the week last week as the teacher could see a marked improvement in her focus and her efforts with work and a noticeable improvement as well. I think we've got there now :-). ."
(Mother of nearly 8 year old girl with ADHD, fine-tuning medication, Warwickshire, July 2023)
"School haven't noticed anything adverse but did feedback that there had been fewer issues on the playground with peers, her SALT reported that she seemed calmer in her session last week. As for E, we explained that her medication was to try to help her to feel better, we decided not to give any other information(re duration etc) initially so we could better judge her response. She has told us it makes her feel calmer, she can listen to her teacher more easily and breathe when her friends are upsetting her. She said that it helps her to shout at people instead of hitting them 😂. She has been able to tell me that she feels it wear off after lunch. The only negative she has reported is that she feels more noise sensitive in the morning since she started to take it."
(Mother of 7 year old girl with autism, ADHD, impulsivity and aggression, post initial careful treatment for ADHD, West Midlands, July 2023)
‘Without doubt, the best money I’ve ever spent in my life“
(Mother of 23-year-old man under me for over 10 years with high functioning autistic spectrum disorder, and ADHD, now living life extremely successfully after a first class degree in London, June 2023)
"I believe that J has responded positively to the new ADHD medication and it is helping him concentrate for longer with his toys that he is playing with or the tasks he is doing. He is also interacting more with family, friends and other children and joining in with action rhymes which has been lovely to see. Thank you for all your help and support with this."
(Mother of 5 year old boy with learning disability and autism, now treated for ADHD as severe anxiety under is control, Leeds, July 2023)
“It is a fair amount to manage but what’s so amazing is that the medication that Doctor Jo prescribed has made a huge difference to M already. School are thrilled with the improvement and we no longer have to go down the EHCP route. A huge relief, we are very happy for M (and very grateful to Doctor Jo!) “
(Mother of 8 year old boy with recently diagnosed ADHD, Warwickshire, June 2023)
“Jo immediately tuned into not only that of our daughter but us as a FAMILY and offered immediate (despite a packed diary) expert advice and support to us. We are a family that are under immense stress and pressure perhaps could be described as falling apart ! struggling to find answers. We are so thankful to have found Jo and her team”
(Mother of 6 year old girl, chronic constipation and soiling and suspected autism, West Midlands, June 2023)
"I have recommended Jo to other mums. Jo really listens and gets my sons needs and issues .. I can’t tell you the relief it has brought us now my son is seeing Jo and the confidence I have in her support and interventions."
(Mother of 15 year old boy, with anxiety, Warwickshire, June 2023)
"I wanted to let you know that I had a chat with M’s form teacher and the SENco and both said that the Equasym has made a huge difference! M has been sitting down, completely tasks and working independently…just wonderful news. Earlier in the week, his teacher had given the class a maths task and M did it independently, finished first and got it all right! It’s amazing news. He’s eating lunch fine and no side effects. Thank you very much for your help."
(Mother of 8 year old child with chromosomal anomaly and newly diagnosed and treated ADHD, Warwickshire, June 2023)
“My experience with Jo has been really good so far, she has helped me a lot with the things I’d previously been struggling with.”
(A 20 year old young man, diagnosed with ADHD, Bristol, May 2023)
“Jo and Chris were lovely people and were brilliant with our daughter who was a little nervous. They also made me and my husband feel at ease too. They were clearly extremely experienced and knowledgeable and they showed so much empathy when discussing difficult topics. I'm so pleased we had our daughter assessed here and would love to talk to Jo again! Thank you.”
(Mother of 6 year old girl, recently diagnosed with autism, Shropshire, May 2023)
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you, because you’ve made an enormous difference to B’s life. You recognising his difficulties has meant that he’s now able to access an education without the constant distress he was having previously. We have a long way to go before he feels safe and confident out in the world, but he’s so much happier and relaxed. His camhs psychiatrist was very accepting of his needs, based on your reports, which makes a huge difference to us all. Thank you!"
(Mother of 12 year old boy with autism, severe demand avoidance, severe anxiety and ADHD, finally under CAMHS after 2 years, Buckinghamshire, June 2023)
“Dr Jo's care has always been and continues to be first class, with the support of Ellie too. We are always confident that I's medication needs are monitored closely and know that Jo is at the end of an email if we need any advice. Thank you!”
(Mother of 13 year old boy, with ADHD and autism, Glamorgan, May 2023)
“We feel understood when we come to our appointments. Both Jo and Ellie have a really good understanding of H's needs. They aren't just looking at an out of date check list of observable behaviours and dismissing the real lived experience of the child.”
(Mother of 12 year old girl, with autism and severe anxiety, Gloucestershire, May 2023)
“ Very personal kind and empathetic, not rushed and understanding. Aware of patient history and issues. Also available to advice by email between consults”
(Mother of 8 year old boy, with ADHD and autism, Leicestershire, May 2023)
“The support and information provided by both DR Jo Jones and her team have been exceptional and we feel very well supported. The information provided, the contact and all aspects have been amazing. It is a lot to learn and take in and we don't feel pressurised, rushed or any question is insignificant so couldn't be happier with how it's working. We can't fault both Dr Jo Jones or her team with all they have done so far for us.”
(Mother of nearly 8 year old, recently diagnosed with ADHD, Warwickshire, May 2023)
“Jo is a wonderful person and professional. She has the most incredible knowledge of my sons personality and diagnosis. Added to this they have a rapport that is unsurpassed. As a family I feel we would never have been able to reach the level of achievement we have without her backing and support.”
(Mother of 17 year old young man, with ADHD and autism, Staffordshire, May 2023)
“We saw Ellie for the consultation and then Jo was very much part of the process. Ellie put our child at ease and helped them tremendously. We have already recommended this practice to the informal parents SEND group we belong to. We were recommended Jo via medics in our family as one of the best. The key reason was not only Jo’s impressive qualifications; we felt that Jo’s practice really understood the challenges faced by parents of neurodivergent children and that gave us confidence. We have so often been let down and felt that the well-meaning professionals dealing with our child didn’t really understand the complexity and our lived experience. Now we feel like our child is finally getting the help they desperately need and would not hesitate to recommend Healthcare4kids.”
(Mother of 15 year old, came for a symptom control appointment, Wiltshire, May 2023)
"After taking Sertraline since December, I have seen a dramatic change in A. A is talking with friends more, as well as going out more. She is still only managing 3 days a week at school, but I have also seen improvement in her mindset towards school work and revision."
(Mother of 16 year old young woman with autism and high anxiety, West Midlands, April 2023)
"Look at this aspire point in English today … This is not something M would have ever entertained before! It just shows how far he has come and with the help of his new medication. We have got him reading again at home too. Thank you Jo xx"
(Mother of 11 year old boy with ADHD now treated, Northamptonshire, May 2023)
“Just a quick note to say that S has travel assistance for Hereward! Thank you for your input with both the college and transport.”
(Mother of 18 year old with learning difficulties, autism and ADHD winning travel assistance on Appeal after professional letter, West Midlands, May 2023)
“Dear Dr Jones I wanted to update you on C’s progress. I have always felt that meeting you unlocked so many mysteries, not just for C but for us as a family. I thought you would be interested to know that she is has just finished her book about her journey with Autism with the aim of helping other young people who may be feeling isolated or parents who are just bewildered. If timings go to plan, it should be published this summer. It humbles me that she uses the little energy that she has to help others. Anyway, thank you for helping us find our way with C, we often think of you and your kindness.”
(Mother of 23 year old young woman diagnosed with autism some years ago and thriving, West Midlands, April 2023)
“Ellie was patient and caring. She had a great rapport with A but what made me feel relieved was that she got him. I could see within ten minutes her experience and perception meant that she saw all he had to offer and what a great boy he was. She also could see his struggles, understood them and validated my concerns. She made A feel at ease and comfortable to talk to her. After a year of banging my head against a wall with school trying to get them to see that he isn’t just “difficult” or “naughty” and being made to feel like a fussy over sensitive mother it was so good to sit there and have Ellie understand, validate it and support us. Thank you so much .”
(Mother of 10 year old boy, recently diagnosed with ADHD, Gloucestershire, April 2023)
“Ellie is great: she listens to us as a family, and makes M feel heard. He is comfortable with her, which is a massive compliment.”
(Mother of 14 year old boy with autism and anxiety, Warwickshire, April 2023)
“Jo is warm and welcoming. With her ADHD assessments she is so thorough, asking extended family, friends and school (if applicable). She never medicates unless essential but I would imagine that an extremely high percentage of people who go to see her are in need of quite significant medication because you wouldn't pay to go privately unless you were on your knees as a family. We were in that exact situation and Jo has worked incredibly hard to get the medication right but also make sure that my children are not being unnecessarily medicated which is vitally important to us. She is always at the end of an email and provides a bespoke service for each individual child. There seem to be very few professionals that have a complete, rounded knowledge of the impact of having neurodiverse children, be it ASD, ADHD, anxiety (all of which my children have) and how it can break a family, and I can say without hesitation that Jo has helped keep our family together.”
(mother of 3 children with autism, ADHD and anxiety, aged 11, 8, and 5 years old, all under my care, Staffordshire, April 2023)
“Jo and Chris explained the process very clearly and were patient and helpful throughout, making a difficult situation much easier.”
(Mother of 16 year old girl with autism, West Midlands, April 2023)
“I felt comfortable around Ellie and at ease throughout the entire assessment, despite some of my issues with ADHD being quite personal and sometimes hard to discuss with people I don’t already know. While making sure I was comfortable, she also maintained a professional level of engagement when asking questions and assessing me, making sure to gently keep on track. I felt particularly encouraged knowing Ellie is also an individual with ADHD and talked openly about it. It made explaining how it impacts me easier since Ellie has first-hand experience of it and can relate.”
Nearly 18 year old young woman, recently diagnosed with ADHD, Oxon, April 2023
“Just want to say thank you so much for all of your help with this. It has been such a scary time for us but you have been so kind and helpful throughout the entire process and that has definitely calmed us down when we were thinking the worst! “
(Parents of 6 month old baby with suspected infantile spasms, West Midlands, April 2023)
“The medication is definitely having a positive impact. Z’s ‘bucket’ (anxiety has a little bit more capacity although, that seems to have changed over the past two weeks and meltdowns and anxieties are more pronounced again. On a positive note this is what we have noticed: - Z has mentioned how calmer he feels on the medication - Z is now able to go into a different room in the house without needing one of us to be with him which is a huge step. He can now spend 10-15 minutes alone which is incredible - Z’s meltdowns have diminished considerably although in the last 2 weeks his capacity to cope has reduced again. His bucket is definitely very close to overflowing at the moment - Z is more able to cope with M and I talking whilst he is in the same room as us - Z is able to leave an activity he is enjoying to go home without having a meltdown - Z’s physical violence towards M has significantly reduced - Z is no longer consumed by dark thoughts such as death etc. - Overall Z is far less verbally abusive towards us, although that has picked up a bit again in the past 2 weeks - Z is now wanting and able to go to bed at a decent time and rarely wakes up in the night - Overall, family life is much calmer Thank you so much for helping our family.”
(Mother of 7 year old boy with autism, extreme demand avoidance, extreme aggression bad violence secondary to extreme anxiety, and complex epilepsy syndrome, with improvement since starting Sertraline, North Wales, April 2023)
“Thank you again for all your help and support Jo, it’s such a relief to see C feeling better! I saw my good friend NM the other day (he’s a consultant paediatrician), he was saying how amazing you are and that if he’s ever in doubt he’ll always refer to you.”
(Mother of 14 year old boy with ADHD and anxiety, West Midlands, April 2023)
“Thorough assessment process, lovely consultation with Ellie who established excellent rapport with our son and explained things very well.”
(Mother of 14 year old boy, recently diagnosed with ADHD, Warwickshire, March 2023)
“J’s life continues to improve because of your support. We have certainly discovered which teachers are on his team and I have had the chance to chat with the head and share thoughts about neuro diversity. I also know that school have chosen you over local provision for another pupil and I continue to recommend you when others are going through what we did. We love you guys! Thanks R x”
(Mother of 16 year old young man with impairing ADHD, now treated, Herefordshire, March 2023)
“I would just like to say thank you for all of your help with L. Things don’t change overnight obviously, but her anxiety has already reduced a bit. She said she walked into college and past the bus stop, then realised she hadn’t felt anxious. The first time ever. Her diagnosis has also helped her to gain some understanding of how she feels and we will look further at the resources provided. Thank you again for all of your help. Re the assessment, Jo and Chris explained the process very clearly and were patient and helpful throughout, making a difficult situation much easier. Thank you to everyone there for all of your help, understanding and patience during this process.”
(Mother of 17 year old young woman diagnosed with autism and severe anxiety, West Midlands, April 2023)
“Thank you ever so much for sending me this report and thank you both for all of your help and support I will be forever grateful that you were able to help us and were so understanding The service you all provide is impeccable and I would highly recommend you.”
(Parents of 6 year old boy with newly diagnosed autism, Northamptonshire, March 2023)
“Last week, E finally came to the top of the NHS queue and had a consultation with Dr D at the hospital. The doctor was charming and said that she knew you. I suspect that the fact that you were the diagnosing paediatrician was of assistance because E has now been accepted into the NHS system and Dr D immediately provided her with an NHS prescription. E and I would like to express our gratitude to you and Ellie for your care and professionalism. Without you, E would not have been diagnosed and medicated when she was, and in consequence would not have progressed as well at school as we believe she has. Would you pass on our thanks to Ellie, who was extremely patient and kind with E on both occasions that they met.”
(Parents of 16 year old girl diagnosed with and treated for ADHD, now under the NHS, West Midlands, March 2023)
“We would like to say we came away from the assessment feeling positive and confident that we can, with your help, help J. You came highly recommended to us and you did not disappoint and we are confident that you and your team are the right people to help us help J.”
(Parents of 7 year old boy with newly diagnosed autism, high anxiety and aggression at school and ADHD, West Midlands, March 2023)
“Dear Dr Jo, We all wanted to express our thanks for a really positive assessment experience yesterday with yourself and Chris. We came away with some reassurance and relief that finally someone understood the difficulties we are all experiencing within the family and a pathway for treatment. You are so passionate, knowledgeable and focused that we all came away with a feeling that you are invested in this area and will provide us with much needed support.”
(Parents of 15 year old boy with newly diagnosed autism and ADD, Warwickshire, March 2023)
“The Sertraline continues to be a huge help for A. He’s much more 9 year old and much less old man. He describes himself as “brave now”.”
(Parents of 9 year old boy with autism and high anxiety, West Midlands, March 2023)
“Hi Jo, Thank you for yesterday, it was like a big weight had been lifted after seeing you as you do just get him :)”
(Mother of 11 year old boy with ADHD, intense anxiety, not coping at secondary school and very likely underlying autism, Northamptonshire, March 2023)
"Thank you again ,as always. I'm not quite sure what our family would have done if we hadn't met you 12 years ago."
(Mother of 8 year old girl with newly diagnosed autism, and mother of two other children who have been under my care, West Midlands, March 2023)
"Was so lovely to see you again last week, and thank you for changing H’s life so much for the better."
(Mother of 14 year old girl with newly diagnosed autism and now treated anxiety, Warwickshire, March 2023)
"Dear Jo, Thanks to you and Chris for making yesterday's appointment such a positive experience for us."
Mother of 15 year old girl with newly diagnosed autism and high anxiety, South Wales, March 2023)
"C’s doing so much better and no issues with his ADHD medication so far, which is fantastic! He’s like a different boy! Thank you so much for all your support."
(mother of 14 year old boy with ADHD and significant anxiety, anxiety treated first, Warwickshire, March 2023)
“Hello, Thank you ever so much for sending me this report and thank you both for all of your help and support I will be forever grateful that you were able to help us and were so understanding The service you all provide is impeccable and I would highly recommend them and I will fill in the feedback form over the weekend Have a lovely evening and again many thanks.”
(parents of 7 year old boy with autism, Northamptonshire, March 2023)
"Dear Dr Jo, Thank you so much for yesterday, I think we all found it exhausting but also an incredibly valuable experience."
(parent of 15 year old girl with newly diagnosed autism and ADHD associated with severe anxiety, Wiltshire, March 2023)
“Morning Ellie, Thank you for your time yesterday, M found the appointment really useful and reassuring, in her words "Ellie really gets me, everything she said makes so much sense" It was good to piece different things together to start to understand her issues better.”
(mother of 15 year old girl, recently diagnosed with ADD and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, March 2023)
“Please pass on our huge thanks and appreciation to Ellie for her time yesterday, both M and I were truly grateful for her knowledge and really felt she understood the struggles and challenges we all face daily.”
(mother of 9 year old boy, with ADHD, Gloucestershire, March 2023)
"My goodness the propranolol is fantastic thank you for your help! A massive difference so far. Well we went on holiday last week and I ENJOYED THE HOLIDAY!!!!!!! C was fab. We survived a 4.5 hour flight with no tears! Just amazing. He ran away 3 times rather than 3 million. His level of nuttiness has come down a couple notches and I couldn't be more grateful!"
(mother of 4 year old boy with overwhelming anger, violence and anxiety with underlying newly diagnosed autism, treated with Propranolol, West Midlands, March 2023)
“A continues to be much happier and livelier on the Sertraline. He is able to explain and articulate that he feels like a new person and comments when he has done something that he previously wouldn’t have managed. As an example, we’re now managing 13 miles on the tandem together.”
(mother of 9 year old boy with autism and high anxiety, Worcestershire, March 2023)
“Just thought I'd email and update now that J has titrated up to the final dose of 30mg twice a day. Early days, but he's a changed child! A drill started up as we were walking past some houses the other day and he calmly put his hands up to his ears as we walked past and took them down again straight afterwards with a calm enquiry about what the noise was. Even before the latest dose increase he had managed to sit outside Bristol Cathedral to eat a snack (with ear defenders) whereas before he was too agitated about the possibility of the clock striking to even contemplate it - he even went inside for a few minutes for the first time in two years! I asked him on Saturday whether he thought the pills were helping; his response "well I don't get tummy aches anymore except when I'm hungry". Thanks so much!”
(mother of 8 year old boy with autism and anxiety, West Country, February 2023)
“Healthcare4kids have been amazing for our family right from the very start. Initially contacted them when their books were closed. Then once reopened we got an appointment within 8 weeks for our 8 year old son. We had our initial consultation with Ellie who was so kind, understanding and knowledgeable. Our son felt genuinely at ease with her and she made us feel so listened to for the first time in many years of fighting for some support. Her passion really shone through. Ellie is just wonderful. We then had contact with Dr Jo Jones through the Zoom research chat. This was so informative and gave us all the information we needed which then enabled us to make an informed choice about medicating our child. Dr Jo Jones spent so much time answering any questions we had and again was so genuinely passionate, knowledgeable and understanding. A shared care agreement was set up with our GP for medication. Our son has only been on medication for around 3 weeks and improvements are being seen all the time. Knowing Ellie was just a phone call/email away was great to know. The care and information we have received from Healthcare4kids has been second to none and we are so glad we found you to diagnose our son. Finally our future looks positive with the right help and support in place, with thanks to you all.”
(mother of 8 year old with newly diagnosed ADHD, Staffordshire, February 2023)
“I just wanted to let you know that R's doing really well at school. He's in every day now and will hopefully manage full-time, which is 6 hours every day, soon. He's already doing 4 to 5 hours every day which is amazing!
(mother of 11 year old boy with autism and severe but now treated anxiety, previously long term out of school, West Midlands, February 2023)
“I met with you in July with my daughter S and my husband for an assessment for S who was then diagnosed with Autism and possible ADHD, but due to her very high anxiety it wasn't clear whether some of her behaviours were ADHD or anxiety. Since our session together, S has been through a wonderful journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It has been wonderful to watch. She has embraced all of the suggested reading material for her age group and has been slowly able to be her true authentic self more and more. So thank you so much for starting S on that journey.”
(mother of 10 year old girl with autism, anxiety and possible ADHD, Oxfordshire, February 2023)
“He has been making dramatic progress and his beautiful smart brain is starting to shine!”
(mother of 9 year old boy with Autism/ADHD, now treated for his ADHD, Warwickshire, February 2023)
“It is an excellent report! We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us and for B. You have been one of the only people who understands and has tried to help.”
(parents of 13 year old adopted boy with severe past trauma, autism, high anxiety and severe aggression, report written for EHCP Tribunal, Gloucestershire, February 2023)
“Hi Joanna I just wanted to write to say how grateful I was for your efforts today in getting L in. The relief I feel is immeasurable , thank you so much. All the best “
(mother of 5 year old with abnormal blood results and fears of leukaemia, seen the following day and reassured, Warwickshire, February 2023)
“Good evening, I have not long got home but I just wanted to thank both yourself and Chris for your time today we really appreciate it. You made us feel very welcome, comfortable and valued J said he had a great day today and in the car on the way home he asked if Chris could live with us instead of his sister C which really made us laugh (I won’t tell C) 😂 Again I cannot thank you both enough ! “
(mother of 6 year old boy assessed for and diagnosed with autism and anxiety, Northamptonshire, February 2023)
“Dear Jo, Chris and team, We would like to thank you very much for collecting and reading our written submissions and then conducting T's autism/ADHD assessment on 2nd February. We were particularly pleased that T was able to talk so openly to Chris. Thank you also for the follow-up reports and presentation link. It has been a pleasure working with you all and we now feel much more confident about the way forward for T.”
(parents of 13 year old girl with newly diagnosed autism, high anxiety, demand avoidance, Staffordshire, February 2023)
“Dear Jo, Thank you for flagging all those years ago that I may have adhd. I had my assessment yesterday - very definite diagnosis of ADHD.”
(mother of 13 year old boy under my care for 6 years, with recent diagnosis, Wiltshire, February 2023)
“Dear Jo, I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share some feedback. Since starting her course of medication E's anxiety related sickness has dramatically reduced and overall she seems a lot happier. We haven't started the recommended talking therapy yet as E doesn't feel ready but generally things are much better.”
(father of 14 year old girl with very likely subtle autism and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, February 2023)
“Just to let you know we really appreciate everything the specialist nurse and you have done for our son . Without a doubt the best money we have ever spent. Just wish we had done it sooner.”
(mother of 13 year old boy with previously diagnosed autism and high anxiety, now treated with Propranolol, Warwickshire, February 2023)
“It was lovely to see you and also how proud you are of R. She said to me on the way back to the car….”I love Dr Jo, she’s like my second Mum!” ❤️”
(mother of 12 year old girl with autism and high anxiety, Northamptonshire, February 2023)
“Tonight I asked A how he felt after 10 days of sertraline… He said: More brave More determined Less worried We agree. We’ve noticed a huge difference in his confidence and enthusiasm and so have school. Long may it last!”
(mother of 9 year old boy with autism and severe anxiety, now medically treated, Worcestershire, February 2023)
“Ellie! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being so amazing in B’s check up on Wednesday. You were super friendly and it was very reassuring of you to share your personal knowledge of being a mum too. B also left with a spring in his step and feeling proud of himself, so that was great. I cannot say it enough - thank you!”
(father of 12 year old with autism, ADHD and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, February 2023)
“I have been putting off sending this email because it feels strange saying it after all the support I have had over the years from your team and you amazing humans not believing I am crazy. I can't afford to stay going private with A's ADHD care, the local ADHD team have offered to take over the prescription so I have had to take them up on that offer unfortunately. I am really hoping that it won't be long until booking you guys to see my youngest as I trust you guys with her and she is also trans on top of her other issues and I wouldn't trust anyone else to deal with her. Thank you for everything that you have done for us Jo over the years, you have no idea how much you have saved our family. I really hope to see you soon and I wish you well.”
(mother of 6 year old girl with autism and severely impairing ADHD, North Lincolnshire, February, 2023)
“Thanks so much for the report, It was really helpful to read. It was great meeting Ellie, she made E feel so at ease and made it such a positive experience.”
(father of 7 year old with ADHD, Warwickshire, January 2023)
"Thanks very much for the follow up, and for your time last week. We really felt listened to and positive, for the first time and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that!"
(parents of 4 year old with severe behavioural constipation and soiling, West Midlands, January 2023)
"Hi Jo (and team), Thanks for sending the reports through so promptly. And just wanted to say thank you to you and Chris for being so amazing during our appointment. T had such a lovely time he keeps asking when he can go and play lego with Chris again. And I could have cried when you said within 5minutes of us talking that you thought T had ASD - not because I was upset but because I was relieved. I thought I was going to have to explain and justify why we had come to you, what my concerns were and why I thought he was struggling but it was like you just got him straight away. I can't tell you how much it meant to finally have the concerns and worries I have held for a long time validated by a health professional and I feel like that weight has now lifted off my shoulders (or more it's distributed between more family members now!). Thanks again for all your help."
(mother of 7 year old boy with newly diagnosed autism, Derbyshire, January 2023)
"I would also like to reiterate again, my thanks to Jo and Chris. After a long journey, the diagnosis, has in many ways been a relief. We are grateful that we can now move forward and have some tools to better support I as she navigates her way through life."
(parents of 8 year old girl with newly diagnosed autism and severe anxiety causing hair pulling, West Midlands, January 2023)
"It was lovely to see you today. N absolutely loves to see you!"
(mother of 16 year old young woman, with ADHD, West Midlands, January 2023)
"I wanted to thank you for your help with A. Having a diagnosis to go with her symptoms has been such a relief for both of us."
(mother of 17 year old woman diagnosed with autism, high anxiety and interoceptive difficulties, Warwickshire, January 2022)
"Finally, thank you so, so much for everything. I have felt rock bottom at times and you have been a big part of keeping me sane. Without you, I guarantee our family would not be together now, you are our angel and we love you so much."
(mother of three children, two adopted, with genetic anomalies and neurodivergence as well as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Staffordshire, December 2022)
“Thank you very much for the Sensory Lecture, a great deal of that makes sense with what we discussed yesterday. We also wanted to say a big thank you to Jo and Chris, we all found the assessment to be very insightful and reassuring. It has given us a fantastic starting point to make sure we can help L moving forward.”
(parents of 8 year old boy with newly diagnosed autism and high anxiety, as well as ADHD, Warwickshire, December 2022)
“Doctor Jo Jones has been extremely supportive to our whole family in the most stressful of times. Doctor Jo Jones is extremely Understanding, knowledgeable and has been available for follow up concerns and advise at the end of an email. In essence she has been a lifesaver. Having first met our children with a Symptom Management Session, Diagnosis of Autism and subsequent follow ups we feel extremely fortunate to have been recommended Doctor Jo Jones.”
(mother of 13 year old boy with autism and severe anxiety and, 16 year old girl with ADHD and anxiety, Worcestershire, January 2023)
“Thank you for todays Zoom and being so patient and understanding of E . She does now go Mute with people and usually that’s it, but with your patience and encouragement you managed to get E to communicate ( thank you ) I often have no idea what goes on in E’s head as she can’t communicate it. Once again thank you for your help and understanding that no other professional seems to have.”
(mother of nearly 13 year old adopted girl with PDA variant of autism, severe anxiety, demand avoidance and aggression, Nottinghamshire, January 2023)
"Many thanks for all your help and support. It has been a very difficult time. Wishing you a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.”
(mother of 14 year old boy with PDA variant autism and severe anxiety, having finally won a place at a PDA school, Warwickshire, December 2022)
"We wanted to write to let you know how well E is getting on with Sertraline. Life has been fantastic– E is a happy, smiley little girl and she has even started laughing. Her anxieties have dramatically reduced and each night S and I talk about more positive things we have noticed her do each day. She still has a number of anxieties e.g. school but she is coping so much better and outside of these times, she is such a beautiful happy little girl. It’s wonderful and such a change. We just wanted to share this as we are so grateful for what you have done for us. Thank you! Have a lovely Christmas!”
(mother of 8 year old girl, previously disabled by severe anxiety, Gloucestershire, December 2022)
“My oldest son P is under your care for ADHD and autism since earlier this year, and your help and advice has been invaluable and life changing for P and us as a family. We could not be more thankful. I am now writing to seek advice re his younger brother.”
(parents of 8 year old boy with Autism and ADHD seeking further family help, Leicestershire, December 2022)
“Just to say a huge thank you, Ellie, for your compassion and thoroughness earlier - we are so relieved that E finally has the healthcare advocate we have been searching for!!”
(mother of 14 year old boy with PDA variant autism and severe anxiety, having finally won a place at a PDA school, Warwickshire, December 2022)
“Both J & I wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet Ellie today. She was really brilliant & very reassuring.”
(mother of 16 year old young man, with autism and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, November 2022)
“I just wanted to say how utterly fabulous Ellie was when we met her on Monday. We finally feel as if we’ll be able to help K. They are also hugely relieved that help is finally in reach.”
(mother of 15 year old boy, with severe anxiety, Wiltshire, November 2022)
“We saw Ellie, who put our son at ease, spoke to him on his level, and explained everything fully without going all ‘medical’.”
(mother of 13 year old boy, with anxiety, Warwickshire, November 2022)
“We had an appointment with Ellie Olivieri for our daughter M. I just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for her kindness and support. She made us all feel relaxed and M thought she was amazing! The whole process has been a lot for us to take in but she was really informative and insightful.”
(mother of 7 year old girl, with severe anxiety, Oxfordshire, October 2022)
“A big thank you for the appointment yesterday with Ellie, it was professional, informative and most of all my L felt heard.”
(mother of 12 year old girl, with ADHD, Warwickshire, September 2022)
"Jo actually listens to what you say and doesn’t consider diagnosis until she finds out about you and your child as individuals. There is a very personal service that her and her colleagues provide that you just don’t get normally. She is efficient and knowledgeable. I’ve always come away feeling like she is in integral part of my son’s wellbeing.”
(mother of 15 year old boy with autism, ADHD and severe anxiety, Warwickshire, July 2022)
"A recently received his IB results and did really well (scoring 38 out of 45 points). Having additional time during his examinations and taking the medication you prescribed have been hugely beneficial in him achieving these results; so thank you very much!”.
(mother of 18 year old young man diagnosed with ADHD and medically treated, Birmingham, July 2022)
“L has now finished her GCSEs and a week's work experience and found her self a summer job. None of which I believe would have happened without her diagnosis and treatment, so thank you!”
(mother of 16 year old young woman with ADHD, now treated, Oxfordshire, July 2022)
“We just had Y’s reports back after the first year of his GCSE course. You might recall that we wanted to try him on ADHD medication as he was now approaching his exam years. He has gone from being an A/B grade student who never managed to finish an exam paper, even with extra time to having predicted grades of all 8s and mostly 9s, without really breaking a sweat. We really feel that the treatment you have provided has absolutely helped our boy demonstrate his potential for the very first time, and has been instrumental to him feeling so much more academic confidence. All his teachers remarked that something seemed to change for Yin the second and third terms of this year - which would be right about the time he had ramped up to the full dose of medication. THANK YOU. We honestly think we might not have taken the step to have him prescribed if it were not for the confidence you gave us first through the talks you gave and through the opportunity to meet with you and Y. We’re truly grateful.”
(mother of 14 year old boy with ADHD, Northamptonshire, June 2022)
“Hi Jo, I thought I’d give you an update on how E is getting on. Since she’s been on the medication it’s like having a different child. She still has her moments but we’re finding it a lot easier to deal with them as they don’t go on for long at all. She commented that she feels happier and she worries less since taking the medication. She’s talking to me more now about her worries and that’s helping a lot too. We have had one big meltdown since we saw you, previously these were happening daily. During Easter we managed days out everyday and even a holiday. This is something we have struggled with massively in the past but not anymore. E’s managed her first play date on her own and she’s going out with family members without me now. At school they have even managed to get her back into the classroom for lessons, she hadn’t been in the classroom for nearly a year. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. You understood E straight away and thanks to your appointment I feel I have my daughter back which I can’t thank you enough for.”
(mother of 9 year old girl with extreme anxiety and likely underlying autism, treated with Propranolol, Warwickshire, May 2022)
“We have been very pleased with your support and service, and I frequently recommend you to people. Your diagnosis and correct level of medication have transformed T’s life. He was at times a sad boy who had never had a Best Friend, known as the “naughty boy”. Senior school gave him a fresh start a new friendship group including a best friend. His ADHD still causes behaviour issues, and his grades are not great. But I am so grateful he has a Best Friend and friends to hang out with who accept him. He has got a better acceptance of his ADHD and I feel a lot of that is down to you and how you presented having ADHD to him, you are very positive. I would also like to Thankyou for making a potentially difficult time when he was diagnosed as easy as it could be. My Father was dying when T had his assessment. You made the way forward seem clear and a lot less daunting for me and I will always be grateful.”
(mother of 13 year old boy with ADHD, finally transferring to CAMHS, West Midlands, May 2022)
“Thank you very much for seeing H yesterday. I was thrilled to hear that H felt that it had been a lovely experience, and she came away feeling “listened to” and that you understood her issues and concerns, and that they are being addressed. Once again, thank you so much for seeing H and for making her experience so positive!”
(mother of 17 year old young woman with ADHD, seen by specialist nurse, Warwickshire, June 2022)
“We really appreciate everything Jo has done for us and F is in a much better place now.”
(mother of 13 year old boy treated for anxiety after a diagnosis of autism, Buckinghamshire, June 2022)
“I love that we have built such a lovely relationship with Jo (and Ellie) I feel that this gives us a more accurate representation of I’s needs and ultimately our needs.”
(mother of 12 year old boy with autism and ADHD, very much settled, South Wales, May 2022)
“We really appreciate everything Jo has done for us and F is in a much better place now.”
(mother of 13 year old boy treated for anxiety after a diagnosis of autism, Buckinghamshire, June 2022)
“Ellie put H at ease immediately . I felt like we were being listened too and helped straight away. It has been such a relief to get some answers . Ellie was clearly very knowledgeable in her field and very professional with a calming nature . The overall experience so far has only been positive.”
(mother of 8 year old boy with newly diagnosed ADHD, seen by specialist nurse Ellie, June, Hampshire).
“It is definitely helping, she has her life back again.”
(mother of 18 year old young woman, diagnosed with autism, with severe and debilitating anxiety and now on Sertraline, Northampton, June 2022)
“We have noticed a considerable improvement in symptoms. There is a noticeable difference on days where F hasn’t taken any medication. He is a lot calmer, less fidgety, not as loud. He often sits with us now and engages in conversion. He seems a lot more focussed and can complete simple tasks such as tidying his room. He appears more motivated and is taking more responsibility for his own organisation and academics, such as completing written homework which I think is actually the first time ever! Additionally, there is less strain at home between family members which has drastically reduced. Thank you so much for listening to us and hearing our concerns. We finally feel like we are moving in the right direction. ”
(parents of 15 year old boy with now diagnosed and treated ADHD, West Midlands, June 2022)
“Jo diagnosed my daughter within minutes of a simple questionnaire with no fuss or nonsense. In person she was warm, kind and above all understanding of a complex issue, leaving my daughter feel validated after years of being misunderstood.”
(mother of 16 year old young woman, with suspected (rather than diagnosed) autism and severe anxiety after a number of email conversations and an in-depth consultation, Warwickshire, May 2022)
“Just wanted to say thank you. You are the most insightful person I have ever met. You just know what S was feeling and what is going on with him. You are amazing with what you do. Now me and mum have a better understanding that, to be honest, S won't last in mainstream education. So the focus is 100% getting his ECHP so he can go to a school which suits his needs. Thank you so much. Even S said 'iv meet someone who gets me.”
(mother of 12 year old boy with autism and severe anxiety and sensory issues, finding school unbearable, Warwickshire, May 2022)
“We wholeheartedly recommend Dr Jones (Jo). She has a relaxed style that softens any sense of discomfort in this delicate area. Jo is a highly competent specialist who is well qualified and experienced and this came across in her ability to quickly uncover the facts and give suitable advice. She genuinely cares about children, and that trumps everything.”
(father of 6 year old girl with autism and high anxiety, West Midlands, May 2022)
“Your understanding and subsequent diagnosis was the first step to changing her life from the suicidal teen who believed she was crazy to the inspirational young woman now making waves in both our local community and the Autism community helping to change kids’ lives. Thank you, I really cannot thank you enough for that and I will be eternally grateful to you!”
(mother of 17 year old young woman diagnosed with high functioning autism and ADHD, Bristol June 2022)
“The pre-appointment process, information and contact were all excellent. We had to wait six month to see Dr Jones, but that is totally understandable in the current environment. On the day, Dr Jones was very personable and lovely with G; she was very thorough in her examination and assessment. The report and additional information was received back within a week. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Dr Jones in the future. It is clear that this is a very professional and person-centred organisation. ”
(mother of 10 year old boy with newly diagnosed dyspraxia and hypermobility, Warwickshire, June 2022)
“Please let me say that you are an inspiration to all of us parents who didn’t know where to go when their child didn’t fit into the square box or round hole that the normal systems require. Without you, I don’t know what would have happened with A, but I do know that his flourishing is very much due to your expertise, diligence and way of being. You have been such a key part of A’s life over the last few years and he has flourished with your help and support, and I must add here, gained so much confidence. The last two years have been such a revelation. We know that in part, this is him simply growing up and finding the right ways to negotiate life, but I also believe that you really do know what it must be like to be a teenager growing up with anxiety and throughout this time, you have been a key, objective person, who gave him permission to just be himself. That has meant a lot to him and we see every day now, the ‘young man in waiting’ that he deserves to be.”
(mother of 18 year old man, under me for the past 5 years with diagnosed autism, severe anxiety and ADHD, Warwickshire, May 2022)
“I always feel like you go the extra mile to make things easy for parents while of course putting the child at the centre. It's really nice to work with someone with such compassion!”
(mother of 14 year old boy with diagnosed and treated ADHD, Leicestershire, April 2022)
“Hi Jo, Happy Easter! Thank you for everything you have helped us with. A is growing up to be a lovely adult with more independence. The sertraline is good for him. Very best wishes to you”
(mother of 19 year old young man with autism and previous crippling anxiety, now looked after by primary care alone, Gloucestershire, April 2022)
“It was so nice to see you yesterday and a very positive experience for M indeed. She and I discussed it all yesterday on the way home and later in the evening and she is feeling much more positive about her Autism / ADHD in general today.”
(mother of 11 year old girl with diagnosed ADHD and autism but anxious and avoidant re taking her ADHD medication, Wiltshire, April 2022)
“We were impressed with the way in which our daughter was treated during the assessment and the report. We found the booking system easy and were pleased with the speed in which the office responded to any enquiries.”
(parents of 17 year old young woman diagnosed with dyspraxia but with clear signs of high anxiety and an underlying autistic spectrum disorder, Warwickshire, April 2022)
“We felt the appointment was extremely helpful and certainly answered a lot of questions we had been holding onto for many years. L asked us quite a lot of questions after it too and seemed really positive which was lovely to see. Hoping she will start to benefit from her journey to feeling better soon.”
(parents of 10 year old adopted girl with ADHD but also very likely subtle autism, Leicestershire, April 2022)
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