Healthcare4Kids Newsletter May 2024

May holiday preparation

Both Ellie and Jo will be taking periods of annual leave at the end of May/beginning of June. Please see below for information about how we are preparing for this.


In preparation for the clinicians’ annual leave, please ensure that any repeat prescription requests have been received by us by lunchtime on Monday 20th May at the latest, so we can ensure that a clinician can sign prescriptions. Neither clinician will be in the office to sign prescriptions after Monday 20th May, so any prescriptions that have not been received by this point will be processed on Jo’s return (Thursday 30th May). Jo will be able to sign prescriptions for Ellie’s patients as well from this point, so long as there is no change to the medication required.

Please note that the above information only applies to private prescriptions supplied by Healthcare4Kids. If your GP provides prescriptions under our responsibility, you will remain unaffected.

If your child has started medication and the dose is still being titrated, Ellie and Jo will prepare for this before they leave.

  • Private prescriptions are issued free of charge by Healthcare4Kids, although you will need to pay the pharmacist for the medication. Please use the Repeat Prescription Form to request repeat prescriptions. 
  • Our clinical team will then review the request and write the prescription. You will be asked to confirm whether you will collect the prescription from our office in Leamington Spa or whether you would like us to post it. All prescriptions will continue to be sent by second class Royal Mail service. Please give 14 days’ notice for a prescription request to be read, actioned and posted to you. 
  • Please do not forget to update the clinician by email in between appointments so they can manage any issues that arise.
  • Thank you for your support with this new process which will help us to reduce the pressure on our clinicians while we better manage the ever-increasing requests for prescriptions and ensure we offer the same gold-standard service to all of our families. 

* This process is for private prescriptions only. If there is a shared care agreement set up with your GP, please contact them as usual to request a prescription.

* This is only for repeat prescriptions for medication that your child is already taking, under the care of Healthcare4Kids.

* Clinicians can provide prescriptions for maximum one month for controlled drugs (eg ADHD medication) or up to three months for other medication, once stabilised on the correct dose.

* Our clinicians cannot immediately respond to requests especially over weekends, during holiday periods or during clinics so please give 14 days’ notice for a prescription request to be checked, actioned and posted to you. 

Access to clinicians

At Healthcare4Kids, our families are fortunate to have direct access to our clinicians via email.

Dr Jo Jones: For the first time in Healthcare4Kids history, Jo will be out of contact for both patients and the Healthcare4Kids team during her week of annual leave. I am sure, like us, you wish her a relaxing break. During this period, the admin team will be checking Jo’s inbox on each working day. If there is anything we can manage without Jo’s input or prepare for her return, then we will do so. Anything else will be actioned on Jo’s return (30th May onwards).

Ellie Olivieri: Ellie will be away for 2 weeks and will not be checking her emails during this time. As above, the admin team will check Ellie’s inbox on each working day.
If there is anything we can manage without Ellie’s input or prepare for her return, then we will do so. Anything else will be actioned on Ellie’s return (4th June).

If there is an urgent medical problem which cannot wait, at a point when neither clinician is available (we have an overlap of nearly a week) then we will have specific times agreed with Ellie when we can contact her to advise her of urgent emails to read.

If you have any queries about this, please contact the Healthcare4Kids team on

With Best Wishes,
from the Healthcare4Kids Team.
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