Why choose me to help your patients…

Quick response – I am very responsive, responding to queries and offering guidance about patients immediately.


Flexible – I have time during the week so that I can offer dedicated clinic sessions.


Expert paediatrician – I am trained and qualified to expertly assess and treat all the areas that I have mentioned.


Access to best in class specialists – I have trained with, and know both professionally and personally, a very wide range of Tertiary Specialists from all areas of Paediatrics. I am able to contact them where necessary for the very best possible advice and management. I can quickly facilitate further Specialist private consultations where necessary, such as heart murmurs requiring ECHO or management of complex epilepsy.


Access to the NHS – I can refer to specialists and therapists within the NHS as required.


Patient–centred approach – feedback indicates that parents who see me gain much confidence, and want to come back to see me again. The children and young people whom I see are relaxed and enjoy the consultation. Families leave with a far greater understanding of what is actually going on with their child, and the feeling that all that they have said has been listened to and taken seriously.

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