Clinic Status – May 2024 Update

CLINIC Status in brief:

  • Our clinics are now closed to ALL new enquiries. This includes Autism assessments, ADHD assessments, ADHD on-going care, and general appointments. 
  • We are regularly reviewing the situation and our latest review (30th April) showed that we are not yet able to re-open our clinics.
  • We will review the situation at the end of May so please do check our website Latest News | Healthcare4Kids which will be updated on 3rd June 2024.
  • If your child is already in the system and waiting for an Autism diagnosis, ADHD diagnosis or a general clinic appointment, or under our care for ADHD or general clinics, then your child will not be affected by this closure.
  • Due to capacity issues, we will not be able to keep a waiting list or contact families when we reopen.

Increased demand for Healthcare4Kids’ services over the last few years has meant that our clinics have become inundated. Since the pandemic however, they have become impossibly so, as we are receiving several times the number of enquiries compared to this time pre-pandemic and we do not have adequate capacity for this number of patients. We have already had to close our books several times over the last couple of years but have worked hard each time to increase clinics to allow for the books to be re-opened. Unfortunately, we are still seeing an ever-increasing number of enquiries and we have again had to make the hard decision to close our books to new patients for all new enquiries.

We understand that this is not welcome news, and it has been an incredibly difficult decision to take but the fact is that demand for our services has far outstripped our capacity and we cannot currently offer appointments in a reasonable timeframe.

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