ADHD: Do we follow NICE guidelines?

We run a gold standard service that follows NICE guidelines for ADHD diagnoses. All ADHD diagnostic appointments with Healthcare4Kids:

  • Will only take place once we have received in-depth feedback from the child’s school and parents/carers. The school feedback includes Vanderbilt questionnaires (used by the NHS) as well as questions requiring more descriptive answers, so we have information about how the child is doing overall, not just with ADHD symptoms.
  • Will always be carried out face to face, by a suitably qualified and experienced clinician.
  • Will look at ADHD symptoms and the child’s difficulties and parent’s concerns, but also the family history, medical history, social history, sleep and the child’s mental state.
  • Will look to identify any underlying anxiety.
  • Will include a physical examination of the child involving height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and cardiac examination. A full cardiac examination, including the femoral pulse, is compulsory before starting ADHD medication.
  • Will follow all NICE Guidelines.

Your child will not receive a diagnosis unless they fulfil the necessary criteria.


Following a diagnosis, if you would like your child to start ADHD medication:

  • You must attend a psychoeducation session (we call it an ‘ADHD Research Chat’) before your child can begin medication for ADHD. This will give you all the information we need you to know about the medication, including any potential serious side-effects.
  • Your child must attend 6-monthly ADHD follow up appointments.
  • Follow up appointments must be face-to-face unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • All medical reports will be shared with your GP (including up-to-date height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate).
  • We aim to work closely with GPs and, although they are not expected to carry out any monitoring, they will be kept up-to-date at all points and can ask us for further information at any point.

If you have further questions, please contact the Healthcare4Kids team at or use the Enquire/Book an Appointment Form.

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