1. Our Autism clinics are closed for ALL new enquiries as of Monday 5th February. Further detail can be found on our Latest News page.
  2. General clinics are closed for ALL new enquiries. Further detail can be found on our Latest News page.

We are always concerned about our children’s health and well-being. Sometimes there is a particular problem and at other times, we want peace of mind that our child is healthy, happy and able to achieve their best. At Healthcare4Kids, we offer a comprehensive, empathetic and expert diagnostic and health management service for children and young people. Consultations are child-centred, sensitive and friendly and the aim is to help find the cause of any problem as well as treating the symptoms. It is so important to take the time to explain what is happening, so that your child’s symptoms make sense to both you and them, and so that you can feel fully informed about what is going on. You will always be given the time to talk and feel listened to. Dr Jo Jones, Consultant Paediatrician

“Don’t change as a group – just grow and save more children from a tricky life.” (mother of 12 year old boy, Greater London, June 2018).

Doctor Jo 2

‘Outstanding’ – as part of Nuffield Health Paediatric CQC inspection March 2017

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"I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Jones & Ellie for all the care and support they have shown my daughter over the past few years. We really appreciate what you have done for both her and us as a family."
(Mother of 13 year old girl with ADHD, Warwickshire, May 2024)
"Thank you - for being you - and for treating and talking to O - perfectly. It is years of struggle to find people who respect him."
(Mother of 14 year old boy with genetic anomaly, autism, severe anxiety presenting as aggression, violence and severe demand avoidance, West Midlands, May 2024)
"Thank you so much for your support over the years and for being there when we needed you, it meant a lot to both L and I.”
(Mother of 19 year old young woman with ADHD, under me for a number of years and now off medication and thriving. Midlands, May 2024).
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